Poker Stars Sunday Million Satellite Qualifiers


The largest & most popular online poker tournament would be the Poker Stars Sunday Million because it regularly attracts fields of over 6000 players and the prize pool is currently usually within the $1 million dollar mark each and every week. As a result of the fact buy-in to your Sunday Million is costly, satellite tourneys are an excellent way to grab a chair.

The double shootout satellites Agen Situs Poker Online the Poker Stars Sunday Million are of necessity 2 SNGs. If you’re victorious with the first table then you proceed into this next and in case you’re able to win your chair for getting 1st to 4th, the final table finishers who remain frequently are awarded cash prizes. This is just a inexpensive solution to find a chair but keep in mind that the skilled SNG player cannot realistically rely upon numerous 1sts.

You can count on areas of more than 200 and the playing ordinary to be rather inferior. Even the MTTs lower cost may appear less expensive but this can realistically make it difficult to get a chair as a result of quite poor seat/entrant ratio at the lesser buy ins.

You will find Poker Stars Sunday Million satellites to please just about every one whatever the size of these bankrolls. If you have already been considering giving it a chance, it is recommenced to try out these satellites because, after all, you don’t want to go through life wondering what may have happened if you were to enter.

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